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We are a theatre company based in the North of England creating and touring new work, producing large-scale theatre events whilst supporting and nurturing individuals from the local community and across Yorkshire and the North West. At Proper Job we are passionate about continuously developing projects that excite us, fire our curiosity and expand our imagination.

So far 2014 has been artistically rewarding with rehearsals of Nosferatu culminating in four rehearsed readings. We have had the privilege of working with some exceptionally talented artists including Ian McMillan who has written a beautifully poetic and enthralling script and Roddy B who has written an original score which, through rehearsals, has become integral to the overall piece.
“The terror was tangible. I thought it was fantastic, genuinely fantastic”
Audience member, The Met, Bury, 2014.
To see photos, audience feedback and exerts from the rehearsed reading visit our Touring page

The LAB Project continues to go from strength to strength with over 150 participants gaining qualifications and progressing onto employment or further training already this year. We will be continuing our relationship with Kirklees Adult Education and Manchester Adult Education on our flagship project of which we are so proud.
“The word ‘outstanding’ is as fair an adjective as it is a grade.”
Eamon Graal, Manchester Adult Education, 2014.

sean award

We're exceptionally proud to announce that Sean (above), one of our volunteers on the LAB, has been given an award from Kirklees Council for Supporting Others. This award was oven as part of the Kirkless Community Learning Awards. We went along to a fancy ceremony and clapped and cheered our hardest as Sean went up to collect his award.
Sean has been volunteering with us, and making a huge different to the LAB project, for over two years now. We couldn't think of anyone who deserved this more!
Have a look at our new five-minute film on the LAB page

Of course we are continuing to support over 200 young people each year with the provision of free space to do the things they love across Yorkshire through our regional delivery of somewhereto_ and we are proud to be delivering Talent Match across Kirklees until 2016.

Finally, we are supported by The Heritage Lottery to deliver 'Look Up!'







We are recruiting a highly motivated freelancer to deliver our LAB Project.
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BBC Performing Arts Fellow
As part of the BBC Performing Arts Fellowship, we are seeking an individual who has shown dedication towards a career in theatre design.
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