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Adapted by Kevin Fegan

“Britain’s most innovative playwright”
(Plays International)

What would you want to see before you go blind?

All his life Bertie has flirted with the myth that he is related to H.G. Wells and he loves to share his own humorous predictions of the future with friends. Bertie, now 57, has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and has been told that he’s going blind. Putting a positive spin on the prognosis, Bertie uses his dark humour to remain cheerful, sure that the future will hold a cure.

Inspired by H.G. Wells’ novel of the same title, The Shape of Things to Come is a poignant look at the history of the twentieth century and the history of the future, a future seen through Bertie’s eyes before he loses his sight.


The Shape of Things to Come is Proper Job’s touring one man show. In Spring 2015 we completed a successful rural tour in venues across the North.


The Shape of Things to Come will be making a special re-appearance for one night only this Autumn at the Carriageworks in Leeds. This is your last chance to catch the darkly humourous and intriguing story.


Duration: 90 minutes (inc. interval). For ages: 12+

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