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In this comic and gripping reimagining of Franz Kafka’s The Trial, from Proper Job Theatre and Chris O’Connor, we explore the world of big data, public shaming and the nature of guilt. This satirical, absurdist take on today’s world will have you laughing and terrified in equal measure, and ultimately the very idea of justice is put on trial, with all of us in the dock.

Duration: 55 mins. approx.

Age: 12+

As ever, this was a beautifully composed, created and captured production; immensely thought provoking and relevant. The underscore, cinematography and delivery were captivating.

Andrew Rawlinson, Ambassador Theatre Group

Just watched @ProperJobTheatr’s mesmerising adaptation of Kafka’s The Trial and feel reenergised about the future of new theatre in the digital age. Sharp, visually stunning and just the right amount of mad.

Brendan Weakliam, Actor/Musician

Stills from The Trial film

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