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In July 2016 we headed back to Blackburn and got together with Super Slow Way, DAPA and Blackburn Canal Festival to perform our heritage performance 'Look Back'.


Our professionals worked with DAPA's young people to devise and perform a promenade piece that took the audience on a journey to 'Look Back' at the canal's history, with a lot of unexpected surprises! With songs, music, water fountains and even clog dancing, it was a great event for everyone to enjoy.


In September 2015 we got involved with Heritage Weekend and had a great time encouraging the people of Blackburn to Look Up! at the history of their town. Proper Job worked with local young people to devise and perform the piece, and the project was made with the support of the Heritage Lottery Grant.

CLICK to read the fabulous Look Up! online flipbook with historical tales, photos, animations and more...

Check out the video below to see some of the show and hear the fantastic feedback from the crowds! 

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