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The world is a scary place. There are more and more things for us to be afraid of: Politics; other people; ourselves and what we are capable of.   


We have been exploring this fear through a trilogy of plays.  

NOSFERATU - Fear of the unknown 

MEDUSA - Fear of others and what they turn us into

CHANGELINGS - Fear of ourselves


Using the combination of music, digital and the craft of Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, we create an innovative and engaging approach to re-telling stories and drawing out their relevance to contemporary society.


The self that feels that it is not the self, the self that feels somehow estranged from an idealised version of the self.  In the world of social media; the selfie, the avatar, the airbrushed image, who are we really?

Touring 2019


We tell you the story… one that is not often told;
the story of a woman who exacts her revenge on the men that destroyed her
and the gods that cursed her.

We tell you the story of Medusa… the truth.

Toured 2017


A crew of sailors journey from Varna to Whitby with a mysterious unknown cargo – a cargo that holds the key to unlocking the terror that lurks within our unconscious minds.

Toured 2015

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